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Goodbye II

2008-03-22 03:03:48 by JohnLithium

I left Newgrounds.
But I find the time to post on the forums every now and again.
One guy got pissed off, confused, pissed off, and happy.
But another guy wanted me to help him advance the art of 'articulate discourse', backing up arguments with logic and reason.
Guess I either impressed him or pissed him off too.
Nevertheless, you will find me in the forums once in a while. Today I got into a huge, pointless argument that had both of us busy countering each other's arguments. We were probably either both 100% correct or both completely inaccurate (though we each defended our arguments zealously).
If you are going to argue with me, at least do not pull out the "You use big words" argument. I have heard that more times than I care to think about. If you have the ability, use it to it's greatest extent, I say. If that pisses you off, tough. I have the right to write fluently, just as many others consciously choose not to.
I also will soon delete my submissions I have on my profile, for many reasons (mainly because most of the citizens of Newgrounds will not consider anything outside their narrow definition of 'music'). [EDIT: Since there were several that were favorites of one person and another, I saved those, as well as any with over 100 listens on them, since obviously someone was listening to them].
Take care of yourselves, and enjoy your life, outdoors and breathing fresh air.



PS New song up; traditional and such. Quick experiment with new resources. Yep.

Goodbye II


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