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2008-02-21 13:10:10 by JohnLithium

I'm leaving Newgrounds.
I had a wonderful time, but now the moment has come for me to depart.
Thank you all who left reviews of my work.
You can find me at the link, if you are actually interested in my music.
Take care and farewell.

-John Lithium

PS Why so serious?



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2008-02-21 13:15:40

We'll miss you ^_^

JohnLithium responds:

Thanks. It might not be permanent, but I am definitely done with submitting audio and voting. Might drop into the forums every few weeks/months or so. Maybe.


2008-02-21 13:50:29

Why the sudden goodbye? Hope you return sometime.

JohnLithium responds:

A variety of reasons: the music I make isn't really what Newgrounds is looking for, lack of time, a variety of other projects I am working on. Plus, I'm trying to cut down time on the Internet in general, for several other reasons (mainly work-related, etc). I'll pop up sporadically to check out your work (and others as well). But the odds of my submitting any more audio is close to zero.
Of course, nothing is set in stone. Perhaps, when I get some other obligations out of the way, I might be comfortable/able to visit Newgrounds on a semi-regular basis. Only time will tell.
Until next time, take care and good luck.

-John Lithium